with respect to an appreciated bond

Sure, that’s a phrase straight from an article about life insurance, but it has slightly poetic feel to it, no? Shouldn’t that be re-purposed as the title of a new off-off Broadway play?

I bet it’s about two uptight suburbanites who secretly long for each other but their love can never be, so they keep a respectable distance of 50 feet at formal dinners, devour steak tartare whilst ogling each other, seek opportunities to play footsie during summers at the Cape – though he inadvertently trips her – and then slink off to their respective spouses, crestfallen at their impossible situation. Their texts?  Literary criticism, bien sur.

Just for a modern twist, she’s got the career in life insurance, not him. She is called upon to make a big sacrifice – lose him forever but gain a huge promotion, or lose her career, husband and life as she knows it just for a shot at happiness. Of course she chooses the promotion, it’s a recession proof business.

In the final, bittersweet scene, she respectfully acknowledges how their bond has appreciated.  They leave the stage and the spotlight narrows until it only illuminates two half-finished Tom Collins glasses. Sniff.

Always Look on the Bright Side of Dad

I’m thrilled that USA Today published a short essay I wrote about how my Dad and I communicated through our mutual love of absurd comedy!



…there’s more!

So moments after the American Online Film Awards festival went live yesterday, I was informed that….

My film got into another festival!  It will be screening in New York June 28th at the Manhattan Film Festival. Yay!

Laurel-1 MFF

… and we’re live!

Yes, the original Speed of Virginia film is screening right this red hot minute (from May 1st through the next 2 weeks) at a festival called the American Online Film Awards!

Discounted pass: http://bit.ly/aofass14

Direct link to my film: https://americanonlinefilmawards.org/film/14S1woaz62

Normally you have to get your butt to a theater, pay an entry fee and disregard sticky theater floors.

This festival is totally virtual & I can offer a discounted pass for $3. to gain entry to the whole thing. If you have a chance to catch my film and other cool, interesting work, please get a screening pass then VOTE on how much you liked my movie…

Thank you for your support & pass along to your friends!

My film’s going to festival!

It’s officially official – the first of my three “Slow Down to the Speed of Virginia” films will play this May at the American Online Film Awards festival!!  Details coming soon… mwa-ha-ha.


My Copywriting Site

Why, hello there!  Did you know that I’m also a copywriter specializing in humorous copy?  Yup.

I have a separate site:

jdelibes.wix.com/copywriter    —    or click the image to be magically transported!

copywriting site

La Musique

Dear Sound Editing,

I’ve missed you! Back in the days when I was cutting actual film and mag stock, working as an assistant editor, I’d grab as much sound to edit as I could.  It didn’t matter that I spent my days wearing giant, unsexy cans on my head. If you don’t know what cans are, you probably never got to touch actual film stock either. I wore white gloves at work. You don’t know what that means either, do you. You poor, miserable digital bastard. ♥  Just kidding.Mag-Stock-Small-300x223

I even liked cutting dialogue, post-production’s ugly stepsister, because I could smooth out and fix one little thing in a big world of Rong.

My editor and I just spent Sunday locking picture on two of my short films. (For updates,
https://www.facebook.com/SpeedofVirginia.) I’d gone on a hunting trip for all the music a few days before.

I cannot express the joy of auditioning a piece of music against the picture and finding that each emotional moment syncs with the on-screen story, adjusting the right placement and levels and then, voila. I love me some music editing, and I got to cut again, ahhhhh…