Today’s “date”

Movie ticket guy made eyeballs at me whilst I waited in the lobby of the Quad for a friend. I had tickets for ‘Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work’ (fantastic) and movie boy noticed me. Since he was younger than me I was flattered. Looked me in the eye and everything. But let’s just say I don’t have a full length mirror at home, and he wasn’t checking me out because I went to Northwestern and NYU.

Ahhh yes. I see in the movie restroom mirror how insanely sheer my racer-back tank is. Mmm-hmm, today I’m wearing the brassiere, you know, the one for my giant 36F bosoms, (that’s right fellas, F as in Frank) with the tiny flowered print. And by the way, I wanted everyone in New York, or at least on 13th Street, to GAZE UPON MY FLOWERED BRA.

Eye contact with movie boy is not going onto my roster as evidence of intense personal interest.

I have moved on.

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