Man-licious v. man-nauseous

Here are my favorite things about several of the best mans: dancing eyes, unmentionable area, well-cut suits, overall expressiveness, elegant yet man-ful hands, sexy vibe, kind yet wicked humor, devoted dogginess quality, genuine charm, inquisitiveness, public hand-holder, high quality brain and brain demonstrations, (also humble brain demonstrations – depends upon circumstance), look-you-in-the-eyeball accountability, stroke your hair romantic, gorgeous, energetic, unmentionable area, loving, athletic, delighted with his life, keeps his friends, animal-lover, f-u-n, fun.

In contrast, earlier version of me confused man-licious with man-nauseous: remote, profoundly unavailable, scatterer of crumbs of interest, workaholic at expense of everything, emotionally myopic, burning attention immediately followed by vigorous, prolonged anti-attention, charm and good looks only in service of getting his way = despicably attractive + well cut suits + unmentionable area = great pain, lots of women mad at him all the time, makings of an addict, has potential to man up and be a great guy… 30 years from now.

Whew! Glad I figured that out.

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