Renegade ‘broker’ warns about MF Global rule

New York, NY, December 15, 2011–Seth Grantberg, a self-proclaimed “former broker” at MF Global, tore past security at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s (CFTC) regional Manhattan office at 140 Broadway this morning to air his concerns about new constraints approved by the Commission last week.  Jacqueline Delibes is the humor writer responsible for Mr. Grantberg’s very existence and announces her publishing debut, spotlighting Mr. Grantberg, in by leveraging real news as the backdrop to advance her story’s narrative.

Because of an ongoing federal investigation into the whereabouts of MF Global’s $1.2 billion of missing customer funds, the CFTC’s new ‘MF Global rule’ limits how brokerage firms can use customer money.

Mr. Grantberg, 42, outfitted in pressed silk and well-shined shoes, menaced the CFTC receptionist with a plastic knife.  He burst past her into a conference room to scream at employees about customer money paying for all his toys, like his place in East Hampton, his girlfriend Greta’s implants, personal helicopter, cigar humidor, never-ending ice cream sundae fountain, tree-house fort, tricycle, fondue station and 100 foot yacht moored off Shelter Island.

CFTC personnel were attending an internal breakfast meeting when the disturbance occurred. Rather than summon security, staff members recorded video of Mr. Grantberg’s rant to their phones.

As Mr. Grantberg stomped his feet and issued vague threats that the CFTC “better legislate the 1% minority back into glorious, bloated existence,” the conference room phone rang.

The caller, Carolina Grantberg of Parsippany, New Jersey and Mr. Grantberg’s mother, apologized to the Commission for her son’s behavior.  While on the phone, she emailed them a link meant to provide context and understanding for her unemployed son.

Mr. Grantberg was escorted from the premises without further incident.

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