La Musique

Dear Sound Editing,

I’ve missed you! Back in the days when I was cutting actual film and mag stock, working as an assistant editor, I’d grab as much sound to edit as I could.  It didn’t matter that I spent my days wearing giant, unsexy cans on my head. If you don’t know what cans are, you probably never got to touch actual film stock either. I wore white gloves at work. You don’t know what that means either, do you. You poor, miserable digital bastard. ♥  Just kidding.Mag-Stock-Small-300x223

I even liked cutting dialogue, post-production’s ugly stepsister, because I could smooth out and fix one little thing in a big world of Rong.

My editor and I just spent Sunday locking picture on two of my short films. (For updates, I’d gone on a hunting trip for all the music a few days before.

I cannot express the joy of auditioning a piece of music against the picture and finding that each emotional moment syncs with the on-screen story, adjusting the right placement and levels and then, voila. I love me some music editing, and I got to cut again, ahhhhh…

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