with respect to an appreciated bond

Sure, that’s a phrase straight from an article about life insurance, but it has slightly poetic feel to it, no? Shouldn’t that be re-purposed as the title of a new off-off Broadway play?

I bet it’s about two uptight suburbanites who secretly long for each other but their love can never be, so they keep a respectable distance of 50 feet at formal dinners, devour steak tartare whilst ogling each other, seek opportunities to play footsie during summers at the Cape – though he inadvertently trips her – and then slink off to their respective spouses, crestfallen at their impossible situation. Their texts?  Literary criticism, bien sur.

Just for a modern twist, she’s got the career in life insurance, not him. She is called upon to make a big sacrifice – lose him forever but gain a huge promotion, or lose her career, husband and life as she knows it just for a shot at happiness. Of course she chooses the promotion, it’s a recession proof business.

In the final, bittersweet scene, she respectfully acknowledges how their bond has appreciated.  They leave the stage and the spotlight narrows until it only illuminates two half-finished Tom Collins glasses. Sniff.

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