Jacqueline Delibes

Jacqueline Delibes

Welcome to Bustier! By the way, it’s pronounced Boo-stee-ay.

I’m Jacqueline Delibes, an actor, writer & director. I’m also a published author of flash fiction and mildly humorous prose.  What you’ll find here are blog topics related to film production, humor, acting, directing, healing the environment and the intersection of non-religious spirituality with the practical matters of running the world. 

I attended Northwestern University and graduated with a Film degree from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. My first jobs were as an assistant editor and sound editor on independent features, documentaries and TV shows such as “Jimi Hendrix at the Isle of Wight,” “Metropolitan” and programming for HBO, CBS and American Playhouse.

Irresistibly drawn to performance, I studied drama at HB Studio in New York. Access to good plays sharpened my ear for dialogue and understanding of storytelling from an actor’s viewpoint.

Oh, and I’m related to this guy, who was my great grand-uncle.

Random child, Governor's Island

Random child, Governor’s Island

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