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I got an email “yes” directly from one Arianna Huffington inviting me to contribute to Huff Po. So there.  Here’s my first article from June 2016. More to come.IMG_1186

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Voice over samples – J. Delibes

Voice clips!

American Granny:

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New York Superintendent:

Nerd Quotes Einstein:

Film Narration/Audiobook:

THE most unusual & beneficial print magazine you could ever subscribe to

Share International

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Literally unlike any other publication in existence, Share International provides a most unusual spiritual – but not religious – interpretation of world events, prepares the public for imminent massive social and economic changes, and announces the emergence into the world of Maitreya, the World Teacher, an unbelievably advanced Teacher here to guide us away from the abyss of separation and greed and toward the principle of sharing, which it is predicted will be adopted worldwide.

Here is an excerpt from the magazine:

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SHARE INTERNATIONAL shows the synthesis underlying the political, social, economic and spiritual changes now occurring on a global scale, and seeks to stimulate practical action to rebuild our world along more just and compassionate lines.

My show opens Sept. 9th!

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This is happening. Join us: TAOA_Poster_HiRes01BREVISED

Good news for a change


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Oh, hello there. I wrote most of the script for this film (it’s under 3 minutes).

For anyone distressed about chronic bad news, it  is a message of hope.

Here’s the description:  Humanity is currently facing unprecedented challenges in every field — political, economic, social, environmental. This short film suggests that only through a total transformation of the systems which run the world, so that they benefit all mankind instead of just the privileged few, can we adequately meet those challenges.

It also introduces the concept that there are those who have evolved beyond the human kingdom and have perfected themselves. These “elder brothers” are here to show us the way forward and to help us implement the needed changes. The film answers the question “Is such a transformation even possible?” with a resounding “Yes! We are so ready for change.”

Voila the New Performance Website

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