Huffington Post

Oh, hello.

I got an email “yes” directly from one Arianna Huffington inviting me to contribute to Huff Po. So there.  Here’s my first article from June 2016. More to come.IMG_1186

My show opens Sept. 9th!

Oh, hello!

This is happening. Join us: TAOA_Poster_HiRes01BREVISED

1.7 Alpha trailer

So grateful to Quanah Hicks, writer/director of an independent feature called 1.7 Alpha that’s coming soon. The film’s trailer is ready! Thank you for your continued support.

My film’s going to festival!

It’s officially official – the first of my three “Slow Down to the Speed of Virginia” films will play this May at the American Online Film Awards festival!!  Details coming soon… mwa-ha-ha.


Casting is everything!

movie theatre signCasting isn’t only about actors. (However, watch “Casting By” on HBO, a documentary about the subtle genius of Marion Dougherty, casting director extraordinaire who mined the New York theatre for acting talent and got indelible performances onto the screen.)

My wee little film (Slow Down to the Speed of Virginia) was a prime example of casting being everything. I was able to cast vibrant actors whose work I was familiar with from an improv school setting, and I wrote to their strengths. Getting the right actor for the role is crucial – most of a director’s heavy lifting is accomplished by that one, massive decision. Continue reading



Here’s what an iPhone with a translucent clipboard in front of the lens can do.


Click this photo for the interview!

Click this photo for the interview!

This is my interview with Hangzhou, China-based podcaster and entrepreneur, Rueben Marley. We talked about what sparks creativity, the comedy scene in China and my film, Slow Down to the Speed of Virginia. Click the photo!

We suspected a local bureaucrat of giggling while plugging and unplugging my Skype connection, causing adorable drop-outs. Good interview though!  Rueben’s awesome; you can find him on LinkedIn when he’s not recording God-like voice overs in English, Spanish or Mandarin.