The Guardian – difficult but healing

Well The Guardian does it again – nails an important issue for the world to see. By raising awareness, I always feel like their reporting ultimately promotes healing rather than exploits a juicy topic. Here.

Female directors and production staff are rare

My latest film premieres May 30th!

My latest feature film 1.7 Alpha debuts Saturday, May 30 at 6:00pm at the Hoboken International Film Festival! Pick up your tix here: & join us in Middletown, NY!

You’re a logical person. You’re wondering why a Hoboken festival is screening an hour and a half north of itself. Remember super storm Sandy a couple of years ago?

Wiped out the Hoboken movie theater so the festival relocated… and decided to stay in Middletown, NY.  horror movie face alpha

Here’s the main site with all the info:

Join us!

1.7 Alpha trailer

So grateful to Quanah Hicks, writer/director of an independent feature called 1.7 Alpha that’s coming soon. The film’s trailer is ready! Thank you for your continued support.

None of it is rhetoric, none of it is hysteria. It is fact.

We Must Act to Change It – and we will – Part I

Purple Wildflower in Grass by Ken Kistler

Purple Wildflower in Grass by Ken Kistler

Listen, it’s not my intention to depress you. In fact, there’s reason for great hope, which I’ll address in an upcoming Part II of this blog post, so stay tuned for that. But many of the people in my life don’t seem to grasp how urgent the issue of the environment is.

And it’s probably regular people like you and me who will end up demanding change, not politicians. So I dedicate this blog post with love to everyone I know. You’ll get a throbbing gold star for reading all the way to the end.

There’s nothing wrong with your entrepreneurship, your book, your mortgage broker job, your theater performance, your law practice, your web series or your non-profit. Keep at it, pursue your success.

But know that larger matters are quite pressing and require your immediate attention – they will need your awareness, and eventually, your response. Friends, there’s no excuse anymore to bury yourself solely in your own pursuits.

In a taped interview from November of 2003, the extraordinary writer David Foster Wallace shared this bracing observation: “This [American culture] is one enormous engine and temple of self-gratification and self-advancement and in some ways it works very, very well. In other ways it doesn’t work all that well because, at least for me, it seems as if there are whole other parts of me that need to worry about things larger than me that don’t get nourished in that system…

“It’s a very complicated thing and full of paradoxes and ironies… The idea that America is one great big shopping mall and that all anyone wants to do is grasp their credit card and run out and buy stuff is a stereotype and it’s a generalization. But as a way to summarize a certain kind of ethos in the U.S., it’s pretty accurate.”

Here is a link to a recent, urgent article about the environment. U.N. Panel Issues Its Starkest Warning Yet on Global Warming.

Source: Martin Meissner/ Associated Press

Source: Martin Meissner/ Associated Press

The first few paragraphs: “The gathering risks of climate change are so profound that they could stall or even reverse generations of progress against poverty and hunger if greenhouse emissions continue at a runaway pace, according to a major new United Nations report.

“Despite growing efforts in many countries to tackle the problem, the global situation is becoming more acute as developing countries join the West in burning huge amounts of fossil fuels, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change said here on Sunday.

“Failure to reduce emissions, the group of scientists and other experts found, could threaten society with food shortages, refugee crises, the flooding of major cities and entire island nations, mass extinction of plants and animals, and a climate so drastically altered it might become dangerous for people to work or play outside during the hottest times of the year.”

This other article is from the UK paper, The Guardian: The real story of US coal: inside the world’s biggest coalmine.

Here’s a very brief excerpt: “Overall global coal use rose 3% last year, faster than any other fossil fuel, according to the BP Statistical Review of World Energy.

“That’s a disaster in the making, scientists and energy experts say. The International Energy Agency has concluded that two-thirds of all fossil fuels will have to stay in the ground if the world is going to avoid crossing the 2C threshold into dangerous climate change.

“Obama agrees. Burning all of those fossil fuels would trigger “dire consequences” for the planet, he told an interviewer last June. “We’re not going to be able to burn it all.”

“But the reality is that Obama has spent the last six years expanding coal, oil and gas production under his “all of the above” energy strategy.

‘We quadrupled the number of operating rigs to a record high. We’ve added enough new oil and gas pipeline to encircle the earth and then some,’ Obama told a rally during his 2012 re-election campaign.”

This is a news release from an educational non-profit called Share International, an esoteric spiritual but not religious group that proposes, among other things, sharing the world’s resources as the only sane avenue to ensure peace and an inhabitable planet.

Source: Why it is good to share

Source: Why it is good to share

An excerpt: “It will soon become clear that without help men have but little time to rectify the problems, ecological, political and economic which cause chaos, danger and heartache to the majority of Earth’s people. It is a situation unique in Earth’s history.

“Much depends on men realizing that they have, as custodians, the responsibility to tend carefully the well-being of the planet and all its kingdoms, and to pass on a vibrant, healthy planetary home to future generations. So unhealthy has the planet become from man’s predatory action and cavalier neglect, that, were it human, grave doubts of its recovery would be in order.”

And from the same document, a hint about the solution:

“Men must see themselves as One. The old barriers to freedom and justice must be discarded; all must share in the Earth’s bounty; all must learn the language of trust. Planet Earth, our home, must be nursed back to health, its air, soil and waters purified, made safe again for man.

“These are the urgent requirements for the stabilization of the Planet and the health of its inhabitants. Once adopted, there will be no return to the disorder of the past. Man will part company with poverty and war, exploitation and cruelty, corruption and injustice. Men will emulate their Elder Brothers and walk the path of Love and Peace. See this time as the time of Decision.”

Finally, a quote from Maitreya, the World Teacher: “The problems of mankind are real but solvable. The solution lies within your grasp. Take your brother’s need as the measure for your action and solve the problems of the world. There is no other course.”


Half-assed salad dressing

Preparing lunch whilst experiencing fever + chills = made a charming vinaigrette with two kinds of vinegar, cayenne pepper and nothing else.

I caught it in time. I love olive oil. Best fat ever.

What recipes have you botched lately?

choc plague

with respect to an appreciated bond

Sure, that’s a phrase straight from an article about life insurance, but it has slightly poetic feel to it, no? Shouldn’t that be re-purposed as the title of a new off-off Broadway play?

I bet it’s about two uptight suburbanites who secretly long for each other but their love can never be, so they keep a respectable distance of 50 feet at formal dinners, devour steak tartare whilst ogling each other, seek opportunities to play footsie during summers at the Cape – though he inadvertently trips her – and then slink off to their respective spouses, crestfallen at their impossible situation. Their texts?  Literary criticism, bien sur.

Just for a modern twist, she’s got the career in life insurance, not him. She is called upon to make a big sacrifice – lose him forever but gain a huge promotion, or lose her career, husband and life as she knows it just for a shot at happiness. Of course she chooses the promotion, it’s a recession proof business.

In the final, bittersweet scene, she respectfully acknowledges how their bond has appreciated.  They leave the stage and the spotlight narrows until it only illuminates two half-finished Tom Collins glasses. Sniff.